Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back In the Studio

The perennial gardens are in full swing, and my middle child has started his side of the road "bouquet sales" to earn enough $ for his next lego kit. So glad the kids enjoy the hard work their Grandmother and I put into the gardens...

 My kids kept bugging me to get back in the studio to make some pots. I love the way they just go with it and make things out of whatever I have hanging around that didn't make it to the trash. So we all started playing in the clay and I began stock piling my greenware.

 This week I did the first firing since January. I knew something was majorly wrong when I kept the kiln going for 20 hours and those cones just wouldn't bend. I never got near the cone 6 I was going for. The kiln is about 20 years old, but should have a lot left in her. I fear though it may be time to make it a bisque kiln and get something newer and more reliable.

 So my dozens of mugs sit green on the shelves. I have several people awaiting their completion.
slip decorated yarn bowls

 I have all these great redware yarn bowls that I was so excited to see finished...

 Let the kiln shopping begin!

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