Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Annual Fall Open House- Date Set

          This year my open house will be sunday November 18th 2012 from 11-5PM. I will also have open hours 12-5PM on sunday December 9th. I have a few new shapes that I'm excited to show for the first time and will have a few more firings before the 18th. Hope to see some old friends and maybe a few new faces. Just in case you are coming for the first time, the gallery is at 8 Waters Rd. Sutton Ma. 01590. It is a red corn crib attached to a red barn on the right. There's a sign on the door but you can't miss it. Thanks for checking in.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bullard House prepping for open house

        I am excited to be prepared for an earlier open house this year. I like to have a date scheduled in November prior to Thanksgiving as I usually get a better turnout. We'll do a postcard again and spread the word- we'll see....

bisqueware ready to glaze

One of the new shapes I have been anxious to try is a rectangle. My husband made a small mold for a tester and it was a big success! I have been slab rolling and slipping like crazy. I think my regular costumers are ready for a change.

 Another challenge I have is to tie my stoneware pottery to the reproduction redware. I have taken the slip trailing to the modern pieces and hope that helps.
slip trailed stoneware ready to bisque

Team- Bullard House Pottery- Greenway Challenge

Greenway Start 2012 Diamond Hill Park, Cumberland RI
    OK Ok it's been a crazy long time since I've last posted anything. I assure you that I'm still making my pots. I guess blogging is just low on my list of things to do lately. The news of late is that I again sponsored my husband's Greenway Challenge team. If you don't know about this race- it's a multistage relay race through the Blackstone Valley.
Andrew on his 5 mile leg. See the shirt?

Kevin portages around Albion Dam on Blackstone River

The route changes every year in an effort to introduce people to the best features of the valley. This year it involved seven stages of trail running, mountain biking, road running, kayaking, road biking, etc. My team sponsorship essentially means that last year I bought four tech shirts with Team Bullard House Pottery written on them.  My husband says "this is great local exposure for your pottery".  It's his way to justify all the time he's out training and the crazy weekend of the actual event. Maybe he's right? Anyway they again finished 4th in the recreational division and 9th overall out of 87 teams. So they were pretty happy and my name is out there a bit more.

Sean of Team Bullard House Pottery crosses finish line